Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purchase free services at no cost!

Is this an oxymoron?

Absolutely not, because the “purchase of the free services” is the Decision to access those services.

How can Free be no cost when it states it is free?

I am sure you have herd or even said “There is nothing free” “There has to be a catch” “No one does anything for free”

And you are correct and accurate at your perceptions!

The question then remains what is this all about and can I benefit from it?

What is the true cost?

This is answered again by your Decision to act upon what is being offered as a service.

Lets ask a few more questions:

What if there was an ad on TV for a certain product or services and to take advantage of it you had to act by calling or writing in or going to a website to begin saving lots of money…would you call?

Your neighbor tells you of saving money on his/her telephone bill and you ask how they did that, they explain that their was a free offer to switch to a lower rate without giving up the service, but they had to take advantage of it within a certain time-frame. You explain yes I saw that, but I though to myself there is no way, they just want to sell me some other service or plan, or man I wish I called so I could have save money too.

Many companies and service providers will provide promotional opportunities, or even an opportunity for their customers to save money due to errors they have made in their billing practices and or settled out of court by these types of offers to their customers.

If you where guaranteed to save 20% to 30% on your operating costs within your business would you look into it?

You may say that is so and sos’ responsibility or I pay such person to ensure we are not paying more then we should or even I am too busy to look into this and by the way I am satisfied with paying more for this product and service.

If you are a business owner or individual responsible for the bottom line of your businesses financial statement the you cannot afford to overlook any opportunity to save money nor any opportunity to identify if you are being charged correctly by those who are providing you your services.

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